Transformation Tuesday: Bianca’s Testimony

Just before I was invited to Fragua, I began to pray and start going to church again. For a while I had been caught up in the tasks of everyday life. Not really appreciating life, but simply trying to get through each day taking care of what was expected of me.

I turned to God when I realized something was off. When I was a freshman in high school someone asked me what my dream was. I remember responding that my dream was to get a scholarship to play soccer at a Division 1 school. I thought once I got there everything would be perfect, but I was wrong. I realized my sophomore year in college that there had to be more because I had finally achieved my dream and still I was not satisfied. I knew something was missing, but I didn’t know what. Life began to feel hard and meaningless. On the outside, I was a hardworking student-athlete but on the inside I wanted to know why it all mattered.

One Sunday morning I was invited to Fragua, and I remember wanting to go without giving it much thought. One of those nights, we were singing a song called “Oceans” and I started crying non stop. I had asked my teammates to come with me that night and two of them were there. I remember walking out with them and feeling so good despite the tears. Although I didn’t realize it then, that was the beginning of my spiritual healing.

It all finally made sense. Some of the most basic concepts of the Christian faith were explained to me in a way they never had before, and Jesus was at the center of it all. Fragua exposed how thirsty my soul was for the truth and I realized how long it had been since I nurtured such an important part of me.

When I think about my experience, I can’t help but thank God for his grace. Right before I was invited to this course, all my desires for anything that could have distracted me were completely gone. This left me alone and seeking more to life. Fragua connected me to a community of joyful and loving people that have made my first year of walking with Christ amazing.

I was caught in the routine of life before this course. Being a collegiate student-athlete all my days blended together between class, practice, studying, eating and sleeping. Fragua taught me what it means to be a Christian. Fragua opened the door for me to a life with Christ. I said it before and I’ll continue to say it, encountering Christ is like finding the greatest treasure in the world. And if it wasn’t for Fragua, I don’t think I would have encountered Jesus in such a powerful and life changing way.